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MARCH 2018

The book Steel Connection Analysis is in for being available in printed version.CSE version 8.20 delivered.Important improvements and new features released. CLASS4, the application related to effective cross-section evaluation has been translated into English, and is available for purchase.Paolo Rugarli has edited the new Italian printed version of Norme Tecniche per le Costruzioni 2018, the Italian technical standards referring to constructions (see here). In the foreword Mr Rugarli has pointed out the lack of reliability of PSHA (Probabilistic Seismic Hazard Assessment), to evaluate seismic hazard.


Castalia srl has become authorized reseller of the 3D printers Zortrax. A strict link between CSE and Zotrax printers has been set up. 3D printing and connection design are related as 3D printing helps to study the best design solutions.


The corrected proofs of the book Steel connection analysis have been delivered to the publisher John Wiley & Sons. The book will have 520 pages. Here the link to the publisher's webpage.

CSE version 8.04 delivered.

Sargon v. 12.70 delivered, converging to a better seamless interface with CSE


During this period the book Steel connection analysis has been prepared for printing (copy editing, index, proofs correction).

New versions of CSE and Sargon have been released.


It has been confirmed that the book Steel connection analysis has been fully accepted by John Wiley & Sons, and forwarded to the production branch. The book will have 490 pages, hardcover, and will be in colour. Also electronic versions will be available, both in ePUB and PDF formats. CSE version 8.0 is in for being released.

APRIL 2016-MAY 2017

During this time span the book Steel Connection Analysis, by Paolo Rugarli, has been written and delivered to the Publisher John Wiley & Sons. The book is an extended work written in English language. It explains the theoretical background of the software CSE and the results of the research carried on by Castalia srl about steel connection analysis. Here the link to the page of the publisher, presently not yet completed: the book is currently being produced). At this page more information about the volume in a local page.

During this time span the numerical kernel of CSE has been furtherly tuned, in parallel with the book.

November 2016
Computer Control Systems CCS and Castalia srl have signed an important exclusive distribution agreement referring to our key product CSE. The agreement refers to Algeria, Belgium, France, Greece, Luxembourg, Maroco, Switzerland and Tunisia.

October 2016
Professor F. Giuliano Panza and Dr. Antonella Peresan have finished a divulgative book dealing with Seismic Hazard Assessment, and the book will be published by EPC Libri, Rome, in the Series edited by Paolo Rugarli I Diagonali. The book, written by two of the leading world-wide experts in seismic hazard assessment, explains in detail why PSHA (Probabilistic Seismic Hazard Assessment)is not reliable and how NDSHA (Neo Deterministic Seismic Hazard Assessment) works. The book has been many times asked to the Authors by Paolo Rugarli, as necessary reference for non experts decision makers.

October 2016
Writing of the book Steel Connection Analysis moves forward: chapters 1 (Introduction), 2 (JNodes), 3 (A Model for Connection), 4 (Renodes), 5 (The Pillars of Connection Analysis) have been completed. It is now being written chapter 6: Connectors.

June 2016
Released version 7.20 of CSE.

June 2016
Paolo Rugarli has signed an agreement with John Wiley & Sons to publish a book dealing with "Steel Connection Analysis". The book will explain the methods used by CSE and will be available from May, 2017 (it is currently in preparation) here.

May 2016
Released version 7.0 of CSE with important improvements in the interface and in the interfaces to other softwares.

April 2016
New book in the series published by EPC named The Diagonals  edited by Mr Rugarli, the volume is "Sismografia Storica"  by Prof. Piero Pierotti.

March 2016
New paper presented at the conference Law and Science, held in Rome on 9th and 10th March 2016, at the Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei. The paper is Law and Science: Les Liaisons Dangereuses, by Prof. Giuliano F. Panza and Ing. Paolo Rugarli.

February 2016
Castalia starts a new activity: 3D printing and prototyping. Mr Stefano Rugarli got the 2nd level certification ( advanced) in using Rhinoceros, by Mc Neel, attending to a course in Rome, at Italian Mc Neel offices, held by Mr Giuseppe Massoni.

January 2016
New book in the EPC series The Diagonals  edited by Mr Rugarli. The volume is "Analisi Modale Ragionata II^ Edizione (Reasoned Modal Analysis IInd edition)"  by Paolo Rugarli.

January 2016
It is now 25 YEARS since Castalia srl establishment: 1991-2016. During the year special actions are expected.

December 2015
Released version 6.92 of CSE.

New book in the EPC publisher series the Diagonals  edited by Mr Rugarli: "Seismic Design of Buildings"  by Edmund Booth, translated from the English and published by ICE.

November 2015
Released the new versions 11.8 of Sargon and 6.88 of CSE.

On 3rd and 4th of November Mr Rugarli was at the conference "Resilience of Art Towns to Earthquakes"  at the l'Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei in Rome, with a paper title "The role of the Standards in the invention of the truth".
Click here to get the paper.

October 2015
Released new version 6.86 of C.S.E..

Next November 3 Paolo Rugarli will be participating to the conference "Enhancing Resilience of historic cities to earthquakes" organized and held by the Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei in Rome. His speech will be about the role of technical regulations in the invention of truth.

May 2015
Price lists of C.S.E. have been modified: the new Standard version is now available, an intermediate version between the Full and the Light Premium one. Acquiring a version with the free placing of the components is now easier.
Released new version 6.31 of C.S.E..

March 2015
Released new version 6.20 of C.S.E..

November 2014
Released new version 6.0 of C.S.E., including the new "Universal Nodery", a unified database of connections. Customers can add their own Nodes to the "Nodery" and share them with others. With the passing of time a wide archive will take shape.

September 2014
The new book by Paolo Rugarli "Structural Validation - Vol.1: General Aspects" has been published with EPC Editore, Rome. Available only in Italian for now.


Welcome to, a website fully involved in steel structures and steel connections (steel joints) structural design and checks. Thousands tons of steel have been designed using our software programs, namely Sargon (member design) and C.S.E. (connection design).

In this website you will find info about software programs dealing with steel structures, from the structural engineer point of view: finite element programs, code checking, steel member and steel connections (steel joints) design and checks, stress analysis, and so on.

An extensive work has been done in the validation area: for instance you can freely download 100 test schedules dealing with EN 1993-1-1 (Eurocode 3 - Method 1 and Method 2 -), a unique work in available technical literature.

Castalia srl software production is quite wide, embracing fields ranging from 2D to 3D, wireframe to solid, static to dynamic, linear and non linear, and more. This website offers an overall view of a subset of the available software, those which have been, or are in for being, translated into English language for the international market.

Together with the software development, writing of papers and books has got an increasing importance in Castalia's activity. Several publications are available in Italian language, some of them have been translated into English.