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Steel Connections Software C.S.E.:
standard and nonstandard steel connections

C.S.E. is a powerful software for the design and check of steel connections

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C.S.E. (CONNECTIONS STUDY ENVIRONMENT) is a steel connection software (a structural analysis software), that is, a software dealing with structural steel connections design, the design and check of steel joints and steel connections of steel structures.

CSE is fruit of a research begun in 1999 (see history page). It is a completely new solution to the problem of steel joints and steel connections design, calculation, verification and checking.

CSE is the only presently available program which is able to apply structural checks to steel connections defined freely placing components in 3D space (nonstandard steel connections), that is allowing a true freedom of component positioning.

Of course standard steel connections are also possible, via a typical connection database, which may also be extended by users. Therefore CSE also manages pre-defined joints like other programs available in the market, as for example: simple connections and moment connections, FIN plate, flexible end plate (FEP), double angle cleats (DAC), base plates, et cetera, like those explained in SCI Green Books (SCI P207, SCI P212, SCI P358).

But... CSE may also checks steel connections freely created by the user. See here a gallery of images.

Components may be defined in a general way thanks to an interactive graphic user interface which lets the user place components where he/she wants. Objects may be rotated shifted, cut, beveled, or modified according to user's needs (see program card for a short overview).

Connections Study Environment Software Program: check results & defo view 

Connections may be checked, finally, thanks to a very general and flexible (fem) model that the program manages in the background. All forces and moments are kept and properly transferred, you don't have to worry anymore about that!

Not only. CSE is also able to learn from the user, if and when needed, new checks to be executed automatically. However, due to the very general tools embedded in the program, this need is not frequent.

CSE is a standalone program. However it is also interfaced with Sap2000TM, STRAPTM, STAAD PROTM, MIDASTM and RISA3DTM and to our SargonTM. New interfaces are in the pipeline, including a text file.

Using CSE you can check steel connections of complex structures in hundreds or thousands load combinations. CSE checks automatically overlapping, recognizes connections, joint topology and proper layouts (bolt spacing, minimum weld throat),  and is able to automatically execute all the computations needed to transfer internal forces from the theoretical extremes of the members to their true, distributed  joiner points.

Connections Study Environment Software Program: automatic fem modelling

The program has a very wide set of checks: many simplified automatic checks, automatic on-request fem modelling of components or of aggregates of components (up to the whole node), including the single forces transferred by joiners sub-components, or user defined simplified checks (via pre-defined variables and user variables).


Connections Study Environment Software Program: net cross-section automatic detection

Standard automatic checks of joiners, cleats and members are available (net sections automatic detection and verification, anchors, bearing pressures, pull out, shear, block-shear, punching shear, no-tension one-side contacts, and much more).

Using CSE you can quickly design steel connections (using fillet or penetration welds and bolts) of 2D and 3D structures and check them to Eurocode 3 (EN 1993-1-8), IS 800 (Indian standard), USA AISC-ASD, AISC-LRFD, UK BS-5950, Russian SNiP. Since units of measurement of interface can be modified at any time as well as the output language, you can link with any third party. All the relevant results can be got both graphically and via a text file.

Connections Study Environment Software Program: base plate effective surface, nonlinear stress