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Connections Study Environment Software Program: FIN plate connection 

Now that the new program CSE FULL-version has been widely developed, Castalia is glad to announce the availability of the LIGHT versions of the program. CSE is a new, highly innovative product dealing with the design and check of steel connections (steel joints).

The LIGHT version of the program   of the FULL version database (typical connections like Flexible End Plates, FIN plates, Double Angle Cleats, End Platess, et cetera), and is released in three possible versions.

Connections Study Environment Software Program: net cross-section stress field 

FULL and STANDARD versions, instead, not only use the full Typical Nodes Database, but are also able to construct and check connections defined by freely placing components (which is one of CSE main innovative features). FULL version is also able to record and store for later use new Parametrized Real Nodes (PRenodes), to be added to the database.

Connections Study Environment Software Program: a bolt layout in bending exploits bearing surface no-tension support 

The three purchase modes of the CSE LIGHT version differ for the number of typical nodes available.

ENTRY version uses the most frequent steel connections (typically using I- or H- rolled cross-sections). Beam-to-beam, beam-to-column, beam-to-wall, simple standard base plates are all inside ENTRY version.

BASIC version uses frequent connections (typically using I- or H- hot rolled cross-sections, simple connections and moment connections, FIN, FEP, DAC). It is mainly directed to people sometimes using steel connections, for typical, simple structures.

PREMIUM version uses the whole set of the available PRenodes in the FULL version of the program.

Upgrading from one LIGHT version to another, upper version, costs only the difference in price between the two versions.

To deepen all issues:

typical nodes page

versions definition page

▶ multimedia movies showing the program in action (LIGHT version): 1,    2,    3,    4,    5,    6.



Connections Study Environment Software Program: bolt layout free positioning

The number of bolts (number of rows and number of columns), their diameter, the row and column spacing, bolt class and the rot-translation of the bolt-layouts over the entering face are all free set by the user.

Also, the number of weld seams, their thickness and throat, their kind (fillet or penetration), the weld lengths, etc, are always free set by the user.

Of course, it is possible to use different cross-sections, as the Nodes are parameterized. Each node therefore may lead to a family of infinite possible nodes, similar in topology, but differnt in the physical construction.

Also the dimensions of the plates, and their thickness, as well as angle or more generally fittings sizes, are all free set.

It is free, albeit pre-set, the choice of the checking settings. For instance, if a bolt layout is shear-only or not, or if a component should be (automatically by CSE) FEM checked.

 Top links deepen all the package features, so that you can understand how it is designed, the prices, the technical features, multimedia lessons, et cetera et cetera.