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Sargon is equipped with six checkers: according to CNR10011 allowable stress design or limit state design; according to AISC-ASD (allowable stress design); according to EC3 (steel eurocode 3, EN 1993, limit state design ); according to BS-5950 (British Standard, limit states); according to CNR10022 (cold formed). According to Eurocode 5 (wood).
In order to evaluate if a structure is non sway, Sargon computes the interstorey drift, that is the evaluation of the relative displacement between different levels, unique affordable measure of the effectiveness of the bracings and of the importance of the actions applied.
The check of aligned rows of elements, making up a unique member, is done using so called "superelements". This data base is defined in a flexible way on the basis of the checking needs of the structure at hand, It also allows keeping into account mixed situation, where elements buckle as a whole in a direction and one by one in another.
Besides via listings, the results of the checks are output by means of clear color maps with the utilisation ratios values. The following standards are available: CNR TA or SL, AISC-ASD, EC3 (NTC 2008), BS-5950, EC5 (NTC2008)
Campione Casino, model by Sargon
Sargon is also fully integrated with our program C.S.E. for the design and check of steel connections.