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The section archive embeds more than 10000 cross-sections available with few clicks, and is upgradeable (SAMBA, sold also separately is the part of Sargon in charge of the cross-sections and materials management). The profile types available are the HEA, HEB, HEM, IPE, ILS, HSH, tubes (CHS, RHS), cold formed, UPN simple and coupled angular simple and coupled, W, M, DIL, HLS, H, I, polygonal generic, generic mixed. American, English, Japanese profiles. It can also generate new profiles matching all sectional elementary or compound types.

The assignment of profiles is achieved by adding design-oriented filters to the search. You can therefore choose and list only the profiles that meet certain requirements such as the slenderness, the weight, the resistance elastic or plastic module, contained within chosen arbitrarily intervals.

cross-sections filters
Among the selection criteria available are those based on the design, which extract from the archive only the profiles that meet certain requirements in terms of resistance and deformability checks. For example, you can ask to extract only the HEB cross-sections that make a beam six meter span, doubly supported, subject to 2t / m distributed load has a center displacement less than 1 / 400 of span and a maximum bending stress less than 1600Kg/cmq.

simple structures used to get filter on cross-sections
The assignment requires just a single click, it is not necessary to write any general data because the database is automatically linked to model and transferred automatically.

cross-section assign
It can also add sections belonging to a variety of types so that the program automatically calculate all of the profiles (areas, moments of inertia, elastic and plastic modules) from the information provided. Since this can be done interactively, you own a real environment for the study of sectional shapes.
cross-sections kind