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Producer and distributor
Castalia s.r.l.
Operating systems
Windows NT,Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista or higher 32 or 64 bits 
Hardware requirements
Those of the operating system
Input interfaces
DXF, ESD, ANF, SDB (Sap2000) 
External solvers interfaced
Internal solvers
Static CLEVER, nonlinear static CURAN, modal LEDA, response spectrum SPECTRUM, second order SOCLEVER, frequency response FREQUENCY 
Checks according to
International Standards
CNR 10011 (TA or SL), AISC-ASD, EC3 EN 1993 (NTC2008), BS-5950, CNR 10022, EC5 EN 1995 (NTC2008)
Output languages
Italian, English, Spanish, every language on request
Software features (excerpt)
- Help (CHM),
- context sensitive help,
- tool tip,
- MDI (Multiple Document Interface) architecture,
- multitasking,
- multithreading,
- stack-able commands,
- transferring of images to clipboard,
- customizable interface,
- toolbars,
- more than 130 buttons
General Features (excerpt)
- Beam elements (rigid offsets and semi-rigid joints, too), beam on elastic foundation, truss, thin or thick plate (3 or 4 nodes), plate on elastic foundation, membranes (3 or 4 nodes), spring, solids (4, 6, 8 nodes).
- Selective, complete and reduced integration.
- Wilson-Ibrahimbegovic formulation.
- Eccentricities.
- Semi-rigid joints.
- Versions limited to increasing node-number, up to no-limits but due to RAM available.
- Automatic mesh control commands (double nodes, double elements, unreferenced nodes, lack of constraints conditions, etc).
- Cross-sections archive having more than 14,000 units, upgradeable and accessible via design filters to choose needed cross-section.
- Full interface with SAMBA (in bundle with SARGON).
- Superelements (set of aligned straight beam elements checked as one member).
- Bidirectional interface with Strucad (.anf, .arf). Standard interface with 6 external solvers.
- Listing in Italian, English or Spanish.
- Internal forces diagrams, envelopes, envelopes of envelopes.
- Deformed shape using spline and internal to element inquire of the displacements.
- Solid view of elements.
- Constraint reactions and envelope of the constraint reactions.
- Colour maps with the stresses in bi- and tri- dimensional elements: principal stresses, Von Mises, Tresca, tensor Invariants, tensor components.
- Error control.
- Adaptive refinement.
- SRSS, CQC, modal amplification methods.
- Tables with the effective mass percentages.
- Modal shapes.
- Second order effects, in small displacements assumption (static analysis with geometric non-linearity).
- Non linear trusses (Ramberg-Osgood, elastic-perfectly plastic, rigid-plastic, bilinear, tri-linear, by points, with gap, all also no-tension or no-compression), isotropic, kinematic or mixed hardening: with CURAN LIGHT solver at no extra cost to linear static solver CLEVER.
- Object names attribution.
- Parametric macros.
- Automatic generation of load combinations.
- Combi sets.
- Mesh quality control.
- Solving precision checks.
- Automatic plane surfaces meshing.
- Response spectra to Eurocode 8, ASCE-7 and user-spectra.
- Drawing of fixed user-chosen alignments to DXF file automated.
- Automatic rigid offsets (eccentricities) generation.
- Snap over locus.
- 3d model export.
- Direct link to the steel-connections design program CSE.