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Sargon is a vast program capable of modeling structures with many thousands of bars and structures composed of plate-shell elements and membranes as well as solids. Sargon has many useful commands that allow you to study in depth finite element models and produce reports of complete calculations.
Office building modelled via Sargon
Since 1995, the Sargon interface allows multiple views of the same model and has multiple models according to the MDI standard(Multiple Document Interface) Microsoft application.
Pedestrian footbridge modelled via Sargon
The hypertext help and the context sensitive guide helps you in your work. Everything is explained clearly. An introductory guide for the finite element method is available online. The PDF documentation is vast and complete.
CHM and PDF extended guide
Printing and print preview, and the ability to transfer images to Word or Paint will allow simplicity and immediacy of use. You can print on any device, in black and white or color.
Print preview
All query controls are easy to use, quick and powerfully interactive. You will easily know every detail of the model. You can also control the resulting loads on parts of your chosen structure. The meshing tools are easy to use, numerous and very efficient. Additionally, you can also import mesh made in .dxf or .esd or .anf.
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To have an idea of what Sargon does and what the user must do, the document: Who Does What for Sargon (English).