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CSE - COMMAND TREE (version 6.30, May 2015)

Overall menu content lesson

File (lesson)


New, Open, Close, Save, Save As, Save Configuration, Print, Print Preview, Print settings, Print setup, Title, Report ePUB, Photograph, Calculator, SAMBA, Import fem, Update from fem, Exit

Modify (lesson)

 Undo, Redo, Units, Settings


0D, 1D, All, None, Click, Box, Poli 

Display (lesson)

Customize interface, Status bar, Application look, Reference axes, Fem, Jnodes, Renode, Solid, Orientation, Mode, Sizes, Objects, Colours, Font, Scene points, Net sections.

Draw (lesson)

Redraw, Enclose, Pan, Pan up, Pan down, Pan right, Pan left, Zoom In, Zoom in click, Zoom Out, Zoom out click, Last Zoom, Std views, Current std view, Remap, Rotate anticlock, Rotate clock, Rotate up, Rotate down, Extract, Alignments,Drawings  
Inquire (lesson)

Geometry, Find, Nodes, Trusses, Beams, Cross-sections, Materials, Internal forces beams, Axial forces trusses, Net sections

Fem (lesson)

Typical nodes, Assign constraint, Assign End Releases, Combi set, Select combinations, Search members!


Modify, Delete!


Add, Delete!, Orientation, Cross-sections, Cross-sections 2nd extremity (taper), Materials, Offsets, Snap over locus, Reset offsets! 

Jnodes (lesson)

Search!, Edit, Extract members, Almost identical, Create listing!, Open listing!

Renode (lesson)

Assign PRenode, Reset Renode content!, Set current orientation, Shift, Work process, Check overlaps!, Check coherence, Copy Renode to Clipboard, Paste Renode from Clipboard, Export dxf

Trim-externd, Extend by click!, Trim by click!, Align face, Modify, Original position!, No elongation-shortening, Modify cross-section
Add through, add weldlayout, add bolt layout, delete, modify, copy, recopy!, rotate, modify boltlayout settings, Net sections, Copy components to clipboard, Paste components from clipboard
Variables and conditions
Add variable, Add if variable, Add condition, Modify variable or condition, Delete variable or condition, Duplicate condition, Standard checks

Checks (lesson)

Set up, Check renode!, Prepare and analyze FEM model, Envelope, Current results, Enquire, Display bearing surface results, Display net sections results, Display block tear results, Display external forces global, Display exterenal forces local, Display forces, Display forces of subcomponents (components), Display forces of subcomponents (resultant), Display component FEM results, Display FEM model results, Deformed view, Deformed scale, Combi next, Combi prev, Combi?, Instance prev, Instance next, Instance?, Open listing!

3D Model

Regenerate!, Clear!, Shift, Modify

PRenode (lesson)

New, Restart, Add Image!,  Pause, Continue, Save, Abort!, Archive


Add Renode, Manage User Renode-Database, Send User Renode-Database via email, Apply Renode from User's Renode-Database

Window (lesson)

New window, Overlap, Organize, Set icons


Guide TOC, CSE information