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The FULL version is a fully-functional 30-day demo, with all the features of the most advanced CSE version.

CSE Full demo has the following limitations:

  • The demo duration is 30 days and cannot be extended for technical reasons, use well the time you have!
  • The demo cannot be used for professional activity.
  • The maximum number of "nodes" (we call them jnodes) in a single file is 15. Jnodes can have more identical repetitions. A symmetric portal frame has 2 jnodes.
  • The maximum number of nodes in the automatically created FEM models of single components, and of sets of components is 10,000. This means some like 60,000 degrees of freedom available for your tests of the demo version.
  • The module related to cross-sections and materials archive management is not available (but you won't need it).

CSE demo has nonetheless, among many others, the following features:

  • Full 3d interactive graphic interface.
  • Models created by Sargon, Sap2000, Staad Pro, Midas, Risa3D, SR4 file format can be directly imported, with displacements, reactions and internal actions.
  • Real nodes interactive creation by freely positioning of components (i.e. cleats) and joiners (i.e. bolts and welds).
  • Typical real-nodes automatic creation by using the 786 families of available parameterized real nodes
  • Recording of new parameterized real-nodes, your own.
  • 18,000+ cross-section archive available: european, american, indian, chinese, japanese...
  • Automatic, fem automatic and user-defined checks.
  • Automatic fem-model creation and solving, for sub-components and sets of components, in linear and non linear range.
  • Printing and printing preview.
  • Listing creation, ePUB report.
  • Full documentation (PDF and CHM).
  • Available standards: Eurocode 3, AISC ASD and LRFD, BS 5950, SNiP, IS WS and LS.
  • English, Italian and Spanish output languages.
  • .... See here for more info!


To obtain the demo:
1. Download the file and save it in an empty folder
2. Unpack it
3. Execute setup_english.exe or setup_italian.exe (with Administrator's rights: remember this is important as the registry must be updated. In W 7 and 8 click right the setup*.exe file name, and choose to execute as administrator).
4. Execute the batch file install_cse_full_demo_trial_licence.bat  double-clicking on it.
5. Carefully read license terms before install: You can use the program only if you agree with license terms and conditions.
The demo is free.

Once you've installed the program, try to build up the tutorial models first, this will help you understand the program logic and is strongly recommended. You can also download the tutorial models already prepared and try to play with the program, understanding its interface (tutorial models are in the tutorial page).

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Last upgrade: May 19, 2015 - version 6.32