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C.S.E. - PRESS RELEASE, February 25, 2013

Castalia srl, is proud to announce that a very important technical goal has been reached: the automatic FEM modelling of steel-structures connections.

The result, fruit of a research lasting since year 1999-2000, has been reached inside the software program CSE which is produced and distributed by Castalia.

Once the connection has been freely modelled, thanks to interactive commands which allow the free placement of components, and therefore not necessarily according to pre-defined layouts, the designer may ask to the program the automatic creation of the finite element model of each possible set of components (aggregate), free or mutually connected. This set of components may also include all components, so preparing the FEM model of the node as a whole.

The automatic FEM modelling of components is a matter of research and study, and is the future of the design and check of steel structure connections.

This quite important result, opens the path to computational techniques which, with very short computational time, are able to define stress levels precise and detailed. This automatic modelling does not use simplified methods trying to compute complex stress distribution by using rough simple models, "simplified" methods that lead nonetheless to quite complex computations.

Milan, February 25, 2013